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Isn't it odd or suspicious in

Isn't it odd or suspicious in a way how McCain wanted to run against Bush in 2000 as the Democratic nominee, then again as John Kerry's VP on the Dem ticket in 2004... and somehow he ends up as the 2008 nominee of the party that he wanted to run against?!?!?

There's a video on YouTube of Ann Coulter back in 2008 saying how McCain was more liberal than Hillary and that if the '08 came down to those two that she (Coulter) was going to actively campaign for Hillary against McCain!

Now in 2012 Romney becomes the nominee... Does anyone else remember many of the other Republican candidates referring to themselves as the "anybody but Romney candidates"? "Anybody but Romney" because I suppose they all agreed with you about Romney being a liberal at least in many ways. But somehow despite the "anybody but Romney" push... Romney gets nominated.

McCain in 2008 & Romney in 2012.... it simply does not make sense. It's as if the GOP actually wants to be running the weakest & least conservative candidates.