Comment: Speak for yourself David

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Speak for yourself David

I don't fly. I don't eat junk food. I work hard to help people wake up to whats going on. But my friends and I can't go arrest the criminals in DC (and in the state houses all over the country) the members of the military and/or an organized militia needs to do that. Oath keepers comes to mind.

All I can do is remain aware of whats going on and avoid dealing with the criminal cabal that has usrped the power centers of this country. As much as I can, without doing things that will get me kidnapped and put in a cage, I ignore the criminals and just try to stay clear of them. Until more people wake up there is not much more I can do. My income is so low they don't get anything from me other than sales taxes...and I refuse to legitimize their rule over me by voting.