Comment: yeah, dammit!

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yeah, dammit!

how dare you!
i get all of my israeli propaganda from faux news!
how dare you post this and claim it was from a REAL person
you sound like a made up person, to me
quit messing with my faux/cnn brain infusions

(sarcasm, intended)

just because this guy is saying, literally, what the president of iran is saying, that doesn't mean anything!
the zionists will tell me who to believe and i LIKE it like that
so quit making these iranian people "personal"
i have to "depersonalize" them so i can justify KILLING them
please, stop!

sarcasm still intended but over now...

how the FUCK can you call this ISRAELI propaganda?
ISRAELI propaganda would say THIS was a lie and NOT picture it as the truth
you freakin' zionist...stfu!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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9/11 Truth.