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This forum is very lively and filled with intellectual talent. I am very pleased to have found DailyPaul!

Hello All.

Thought i would leave a quick little introduction here (wasn't sure the proper place). I have enjoyed reading/studying a great deal of the material here-and finally feel the remedy close at hand. Just wanted to give a great BIG THANKS to all who have put forth the effort to extend the knowledge that is so desperately needed. Of particular mention to David, I sure am glad you were trying to free the minds over there at the DailyPaul, my wife who is an avid DPer tipped me off to your latest posts ever there, and once i started reading i couldn't stop. I have been searching for truth and freedom for a few years now, and have always been let down in the end by all the "gurus" lack of anything concrete- just a bunch of theories and best guesses. When i seen your material, everything i had learned in the past and had moved on from because of lack of proof, clicked in to place so completely thanks to the missing piece of the puzzle which you supplied. Now i can truly understand the SC opinions about the income tax, and the fact that it IS a voluntary tax system. What a relief it is to finally see the way out.

Again, a big thanks to all of you for helping dismantle this veil of illusion. I look forward to having future conversations with all you.

Best go get a Stamp!