Comment: I always knew the political/government system was

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I always knew the political/government system was

corrupt but I never knew exactly how in most cases.. Just saw enough to know it was.. Thanks to Dr.Paul I've seen every single nasty trick they've tried.

The main focus has been on delegates and it was a good plan except one thing.. We had no vote count plan in place. For the life of me, with all that we and Dr.Paul know about this corrupt system, I can't understand why nobody had that plan in place from the start.

There will never be a L/libertarian, Constitutionalists president in office unless we form a separate well thought out vote counting system of our own. Even then it will be tricky keeping the RNC and DNC thugs from messing it up but it needs to be done if you think voting is the route to your Freedom.

I have other routes that are more direct.. I'm sure some of you can guess that by now without me saying it. :)

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