Comment: It certainly couldn't be that....

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It certainly couldn't be that....

most Ron Paul supporters are serious about their libertarianism and have problems with Gary Johnson's:

1) expressed desire to send troops to Uganda to take out Kony
2) expressed support generally for "humanitarian" wars
3) promise to support Israel militarily
4) expressed support of banning smoking on private property
5) position of "fixing" the Fed and "restoring it to its original purpose" instead of getting rid of it (wtf? hahahahaha!)
6) desire for a frickin' CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT enshrining gay marriage as a right (HUGE can of worms and pandora's box that would give the federal govt massive new powers to meddle in your personal affairs)

That Ron Paul supporters who are serious about their libertarianism could possibly object to Gary Johnson is just too wacky. It MUST be a conspiracy from outsiders!

*rolls eyes*

Gary Johnson is an interventionist both on foreign policy and domestic issues, and aside from non-aggression, govt interventionism is the greatest libertarian sin.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~