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I am a strong woman. What I want is to materialze Ron Paul's message. Ron Paul chose the GOP, not me. It was very hard for me to register GOP and then go to a meeting.. but once I went, what got me is the realization I had been suckered by MSM as to what the GOP was. I have never owned a TV, but that does not mean that one can escape the MSM lies. I bought the lie about what is the GOP. MSM works to keep the GOP lean and mean to put people off, to make them hate and liathe and reject and buy into the Democratic Party.

It reminds me of when I went to college.. I thought the Fine Art depeartment was going to be full of the creative people, but I found that wasw not true.. at my school it was the nursing college. I would have never guessed.. my graduation only confirmed it as the nurses had these wonderful costumes and creative energy that stole the show, while the art department was the least creative.

The GOP is full of misfits, outcasts, special interests that I never expected.

At this point, it seems to me, the Ron Paul Republicans who got into seats and running for offices are very strong unique individuals fighting for their freedom and everyone elses, while those who blame the GOP, the RNC, and have decided to go elsewhere will not help us materialize Ron Paul's message, but fight us to keep TPTB, becasue really, they FEAR and HATE way too much to open their minds and hearts to make the changes they say they want.

If I did not take a loyalty oath to the GOP I would not give Romney my vote. I am not asking anyone here to vote Romney.. or Obama.. or GJ.. people need to do what they believe is best for them.. I don't see how anyone could vote for Obama, who is worse than Bush.