Comment: You Are Obviously Biased and WRONG

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You Are Obviously Biased and WRONG

From the perspective of an independent:

First, it was borining to most independents.
Second, neither "demolished" the other - it was rather even
(which isn't surprising as there really isn't much difference)
Third, Biden's laughs, etc. were not well received by independents
Fourth, BOTH men FAVOR WAR - it is just a question of how much war!
Biden wants to be out by 2014 and Ryan doesn't want to set a date.
- Well, if 2014 is good for Obama/Biden, then today is better - so let's bring them home NOW!
- On the other hand, if no set date is good for Romney/Ryan, then maybe they will bring them home before 2014.

The point is, BOTH parties believe we can continue to police the world and do not have a clue as to the financial ruin this is causing.