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In this, that slavery exits, I do not argue...

Having said this, regaining an industrial production base as a path out of the current slavery paradigm is a it is the monetary system, put in place and propped up by the corrupt in the political system, which is in turn propped up by the very slaves you refer to...supporting the system's designers, benefactors,and enforcers, that takes me back full circle to the fact that the "slavery", as it is referred to, is not the responsibility of the employers that service sector workers make their deal with...

The canard is framed in the fact that, even if manufacturing jobs return en masse, they in and of themselves, will only make existence more difficult for the low payed service sector crowd given that the resultant increased economic activity for those lucky enough to land the manufacturing jobs, in the face of fractional reserve lending system (that which now waits with over filled gas tanks at the ready) will light up the fires of inflation...further crippling the hand-to-mouth crowd and paradigm that will be smoke screened in the lagging pay increases to this sector.

Sadly, this "mouth eats tail" paradigm is completely and wholeheartedly the resultant responsibility of the slaves themselves...for who else wants to watch football, and dancing rather than engage the slave masters? Who is it that rubber stamps the paradigm by backing "THEIR" team's players who proposed and implemented things like NAFTA/WTO/IMF/Federal Reserve (pick your poison here) and who is it that waves flags, sends their children off to die in foreign deserts, and votes to place the slave masters enforcement minions into their lording positions?

Who is it that, under the guise of nicety and fairness for all, or in protection of all (again fill in the blank here) clamors for pabulum for themselves at the expense of others...pabulum which can only be provided for by the promulgation of the current monetary/political state of affairs?

I know it is sick...but is what it is. And until all can awaken to this, the paradigm will continue and the goofiness of blaming the fruits of our own unpaid labor, labor that attempts to game the system for undeserved benefits or safety guarantees...for the burdens it places on our paid labor providing for us is...well...pretty freakin' myopic, and such thought and hand-wringing will never change the paradigm.

The path to locating, demonizing and vanquishing the culprits in this...begins in the mirror.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?