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No interest

There was a time when, to me, there was a wild card chance that the Liberty Movement could go viral this Election Cycle (Psycho).

Where enough people actually realize that we are no better than The Nazi "tax payers" were, but there is still time to turn this thing around, but that did not happen.

I even registered Republican and voted in the primary on the wild hope that this may be the time when the spark lights the fuse and the snow ball of Liberty starts accelerating down the hill picking up all The Friends of Liberty along the way.

The spark can happen today, but it won't be me writing in Ron Paul here in California.

I like Produce 1 and Product 2, and I can explain how that works whenever there is a demand for it.

Over time the Power Struggle has been gaining momentum slowly on both sides, and unfortunately that is similar to tectonic plates moving against one another where the result is a cataclysmic earthquake.

A Ron Paul Presidency could have, conceivably, slowed down the progress in the wrong direction, which then could become progress in the right direction, conceivably, but that did not happen.

What now?

You tell me.

I have Product 1 and Product 2 to offer.

I don't have money.

I don't have youth.

I don't have absolute control over my children, and they are their own precious selves, so I can't offer them either.


I just went to Jury Duty.

Deception is still in high demand.

That has to turn into a high demand for accurate accounting.

There are no short cuts.