Comment: DUI provisions will be a problem

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DUI provisions will be a problem

Although Washington State Initiative 502 would make possession of up to one ounce of usable marijuana permissible for those over 21, it adds a provision to the law setting a limit of 5ng active THC for driving. Violation is a DUI (contrary to another comment under this article, I see no indication that it is a Felony)

This 5ng limit is a problem because, unlike alcohol where most experts will agree that a blood alcohol level of .08% or more causes impaired driving, there is NOT consensus among experts as to any specific level of active THC that causes impairment. Moreover, most experts will agree that chronic users (e.g. medicinal use) maintain a higher level of THC in their system without necessarily being "impaired." Thus, if this initiative becomes law, that portion of the law will certainly be challenged.

But remember, we all have a choice as to whether to drive and when to drive, and remember also, driving while impaired as the result of ANY controlled substance (e.g. prescription medications) is a DUI.