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Comment: My father had COPD for 16 years

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My father had COPD for 16 years

so I understand your statements. My father would have laughed me out of the room if I'd of suggested cannabis.... but thought I'd mention this to you:

Yes, you're right COPD is supposedly "progressive". The rough estimate from diagnosis to death = 4 years according to today's conventional medical thought. So how did my Dad make it 16 years with COPD?

His family doctor told him this "proverb" = "If you have your legs, you have your lungs". After that testimony from the doctor, my father walked religiously, even pushing his oxygen tank. He rarely failed to take a daily walk.

My best friend from high school died a little under a month ago from stage 4 lung cancer. She had been given roughly a year to live but what got her was she had an abscess, an infected hole and it hemorrhaged.

I only wish we didn't have such a stigma attached to cannabis cause I sure would have crammed it down my father and my best friends throats. With South Carolina being so bass-ackward (we only just recently "allowed" people to get tattoos in our state), I'm guessing cannabis will never be legal here. So sad.

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