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I've been pretending my whole be voting...starting with Reagan.

But I am not ready not to vote. I just cannot understand not voting yet, besides:

"Actual voting consists of an expenditure of power by the voter whereby that power is then productively employed in the work required to invent, produce, or maintain what the voter desires to be invented, produced, and maintained."

If all the people who do not desire the right thing are the only ones who vote, then what will the invention be?

That is the problem I have. You are taking me down the Rockwell opt out of voting road? Ron Paul depended on voters in Texas to elect him to Congress. He has invented (re-invented) a Voice for Liberty in our time?

How do we know the future? What if all the good people of Texas had not elected Ron Paul to Congress...or what if Ron Paul has been a 30 year hoax (just like my voting life) and we are all outed as contrarians? That my friend has been my concern from the beginning.

And I think Jesse Ventura is right along with them with his Jimmy Hendrix? shirt? And earlier this week Gary Johnson was running around in a peace sign t=shirt under a sports much marketing to a target audience for me.

Still, I would be proud to be able to write Ron Paul's name in and have the last word in the matter. You in Cali can do that. Me in MO, we have sore looser laws and additionally the ballot can be tampered for another candidate who will get presidence if on the printed ballot.

What a pig stye of a mess.

I have to get ready for another soccer game now...2 in one week. But I cannot role the consrains me to show up for the son I love no matter how much I do not want to go. I spent most of the day yesterday being wind blown at a corn maze while freezing to death. I didn't realize how tiring the wind blowing was until I got in the car! It was a funny feeling.

OK Josf, never mind the voting bit. I had to have my 2 cents and you can have the last word.

Let me know when Product 1 and 2 are ready. I want to be your first customer, unless you have others already in line. I was listening to something this week about QE3 and the fed is going to be printing money out of thin air and buying up mortgage backed securities and then doing something with them. I can't remember who I was listening to and what they were going to do with them, but it was quite the ponzi.

I have my other post finished, but didn't want to inundate you all in one day...I guess I could put it out there so you can have it and deal with it in your time.