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Many have tried and guess

Many have tried and guess what not enough people care to make it happen. And even in states that do allow it often the write ins don't get counted.

During the break the majority of people are not interested in politics lets face it. About two weeks before the elections they may get interested but still just vote their party never bothering to vet a candidate. They'll get a slate in the mail or hear a couple blurbs about their parties candidate if even that and vote for him or her.

So don't assume people have not tried. I am trying to get people to vote for Johnson I have an ad up for donations to get it on TV. I am still certainly not confident that the vote will be counted fairly but if the people will unite for once and put their differences and peeves aside and vote for Johnson (since he is actually on the ballots) and the election gets stolen anyway that will wake millions more up!

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