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You are correct

Not all are corrupt either. Alot of these folks especially in smaller towns are seniors who take their jobs seriously. And they will remark to folks how "you should have seen how many write ins so and so got. OR they will complain about having to have had to count all the write ins for so and so. One thing I taught everyone I could in 2008 was how easy it can be to get on a county party committee. And yes they do count write ins. I got 6 people elected with ONE vote cast.....their own write in!! It is harder in a presidential election but off years?? a piece of cake in some places to get elected committeeperson. Bottom line: Awrite in vote means they MUST open and look at the tape or paper ballot and read it. If you doubt this, become a poll watcher and listen to the groans when they must do this. I am writing in Dr. Paul!