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Comment: NaturalNews is downright awful with disinformation

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NaturalNews is downright awful with disinformation

Mike Adams is the defintion of a snake oil salesman. He will say anything and everything to push his 'natural' health agenda. He has no regard for the scientific method or scientific theory and through his relentless sensationalism, apparently he no respect for his readers. Many physicians and biomedical scientists have thoroughly dismantled his claims. He is not some lone genius who has discovered medical secrets through a mythical 'natural' lifestyle and he doesn't understand scientific truths that have evaded hundreds of thousands of biomedical scientists and researchers. I have read dozens and dozens of his essays and it is very clear that he either has a very poor understanding of science and sincerely believes his own myths, or he understands but is extremely deceitful and his purposely manipulating his audience.

He not like a brilliant, but outnumbered Austrian economist engaged in academic battles with Keyensians. He is like a dwarf in a boxing match with a heavy weight champion. Only he isn't even trying to box, he is on the sidelines doing a solo karate exhibition as a white belt. And his audience is watching him perform karate in the corner by himself going "wow that guy is so good."