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What would happen? You get what we have in Paraguay.

What I mean by that is essentially prosperity. This area 25 yrs ago was forest. There was no electricity, city water, asphalt, internet, tv, you name it; we were pretty primitive. In that time we have high speed internet, electricity, asphalt, good county roads, decent schools, etc etc. Government helped out with the main electric line and the asphalted highway, everything else done by the people. Our return on investment is extremely high, but is going slowly down because of government involvement with taxes and such (this is the first year that the income tax is attempting to be implemented here). Industry is installing itself very well. The good thing about the massive corruption here is that the government isn't able to get anything done and thus the business/government marriage that you see in the USA can't work here. Big companies are actually highly targeted by the government corrupt idiots.

As for your idea on agriculture, it sounds good but it is unpractical. Now let me explain why. I am a farmer, and I know how to produce food very well; I am efficient at it, thus I utilize the least amount of resources possible to produce the most of my product. But a mechanic, CEO, Wall Street dude, soccer moms, etc., do not have the know how or the time to dedicate to food production. But they can buy my food at a very cheap price (permitting that the government allow me to). So to have a larger portion of the population try to produce their own food,even a small portion of it, is not practical. However, the technology you mention can be used, with time, in very large scale, and semi local, to produce more food. The massive land areas would be used for whatever the market demanded; paper, pasture fed cattle, green areas, etc.

And the miscanthus grass may be good for a certain area, but it may not be adaptable for my region. Also it will require rotation with other grass types when the pressure from insects/weeds grows. We are always looking for the best grass available. Some are good but they may not resist the small droughts common here and there. They may not resist heat well or the frost. Can always make some new transgenic grass variety that can resist the insects, cold/heat, etc. (hehe)