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They are telling us the truth, hu?

So juiceboxes make kids gay?
The Nazis would have used GM food to poison the population?
That thousands of local governments are putting fluoride in the public water supply not in a misguided attempt at public health, but for mind control?
That psychoactive drugs like LSD, DMT, and cannabis turn people into mindless, barely functioning zombies?
That every spree killer is a product of the secret (declassified) MK-Ultra program that was ended 50 years ago?
That the sky is falling?

Oh wait, that last one is Chicken Little. I often get them confused with Mike Adams and Alex Jones. But you seem to think that the world is coming to an end too (probably a result of that New World Order) so I guess I shouldn't joke about it.


The Weimer Republic had atrocious hyperinflation. Times were rough, but Germany still exists. Today they are better off than most countries in fact.

Japan had two nuclear bombs dropped on it. Hiroshima and Nagasaki not only exist, they are thriving and prosperous. Many of the people survived the catastrophe and are still living today.

Millions of people have been eating GM food for over a decade. Cancer rates have not skyrocketed. (though cancer detection has improved).

I could go on and on.

The world is not ending. Please take your psychobabble back to Infowars. Living in constant paranoia in fear and convincing others to do the same is not a good way to live.