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Behavioral Modification

"If all the people who do not desire the right thing are the only ones who vote, then what will the invention be?"

On the level of a City or Town Election there may be very many cases where votes are accurately counted, I don't know. When I read about Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports the concept of accurate voting done by people on the City level began to make more sense, as your words appear to be making sense in the same light.

Those who are "in" on the abuse of government, turning government into Legal Crime, as in the ongoing Fraud that is well documented with Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, but seriously, please think about this, as to what people who are "in" on the abuse of government are willing to do once they are RED HANDED in this specific Fraud in progress, even on the City or Town level?

If they are already guilty of fraud, and they know it, how difficult is it to cook the vote counting, when they already have cooked the tax books?

If voting is going to be done then are you willing to make sure that your vote, and every other vote, is counted accurately?

People have done that, and their findings are decidedly, unambiguously, such that the votes are not being counted correctly, and therefore, reasonably, there are people going to trial and people are are being convicted of fraud right?

No, you might say, at least not in your city, while there are well published accounts of other cities where frauds are being accused or even convicted and then they are dealt with how?

They are no longer given the license to steal more, but they keep their golden parachutes?

Meanwhile a church full of people who did not pay the proper tax on a few guns is raided, tortured for months, shot, burned to death, heads cut off, and they are piled up in commingled masses of meat and all that is OK, cause this is U.S.A. land of the Free, where we get to pull levers, punch holes in cardboard, or speak our minds to the very few who are actually paying any attention to what is really going on?

I get the concept of wanting to do something. I don't get the concept of doing something that is counterproductive because sometime in your life someone told you that it was the right thing to do, and perhaps once it was, in one place or another, but we are now no better than the Nazi's, and this is not controversial, this is well established fact.

Torture is now legal, and high paid liars call it "Extraordinary Rendition" or "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques", and who, look around, keeps sending those evil people more "votes" that do count?

Sure, there are people who willfully volunteer to hire torturing mass murderers, as good as any Nazi that ever lived, but most people, including most people in Germany during the Nazi regime, have had their behavior modified to accept wrong for right.

You know better.

Now what?

Which votes count?

"If all the people who do not desire the right thing are the only ones who vote, then what will the invention be?"

Legal Torture and Legal Murder on a Massive Scale is the product of all that voting right now, so where are these people who are inventing this torture, and this mass murder, where are these people who are producing it, and where are these people who are maintaining it?

Here is another book you may not ever read:

That is an oral history of average people in Germany during the Nazi regime, and it is written by one of the German Fighter Pilots who were among the ones rebelling against the Nazi regime during the war.

The Military almost regained some moral control over the Legal Crime regime in that time period. We are in that position now.

What is it going to take?


Which votes count?

"That is the problem I have. You are taking me down the Rockwell opt out of voting road? Ron Paul depended on voters in Texas to elect him to Congress. He has invented (re-invented) a Voice for Liberty in our time?"

Not at all. If you are going to vote then are you going to make sure that your vote counts?

When I voted for Ron Paul in the primary, on your welcome advice, I asked the lady at the table a question.

"How do I know that my vote will be counted accurately?"

She assured me that it will be counted because the box will be taped shut.

I know better than that, but how likely is it that my efforts at that point to prove that my vote will be counted accurately will be met with very effective FORCE applied to me to shut up?

When I hear anyone lie to me I begin to get agitated and I raise my voice, and this runs in the family.

What do you think will happen if I start an effort to make sure my vote is counted in a Presidential Primary? This is not a far fetched question, there are cases well documented concerning the police, arrests, broken fingers, broken hips, etc.

If you are not prepared to ensure that your vote actually counts, then what is the point in voting (in the way you are told) based upon the ample INCULPATORY evidence that proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the votes are not counted accurately?

I am not saying don't vote, I am saying that votes have to count for votes to be any force that could defend Liberty.

"How do we know the future? What if all the good people of Texas had not elected Ron Paul to Congress...or what if Ron Paul has been a 30 year hoax (just like my voting life) and we are all outed as contrarians? That my friend has been my concern from the beginning."

Ron Paul can't be a hoax unless the Federal Reserve is actually worthy of good credit, how can that not be obvious?

If the criminal, who is secretly stealing all the blood out of your body, wants to keep doing so, does it make sense for the criminal to hire someone to let you know that the criminal is secretly stealing all the blood out of your body?

That is absurd to me, unless you can see past my ignorance.

"And I think Jesse Ventura is right along with them with his Jimmy Hendrix? shirt? And earlier this week Gary Johnson was running around in a peace sign t=shirt under a sports much marketing to a target audience for me."

Jesse Ventura does not inspire much in me either other than my opinion that he is honest, like Ron Paul, but I don't know if Jesse Ventura would End the FED, End the IRS, and Bring the Troops Home, because he doesn't say so, as far as I know. Ron Paul has those things on his list of things to do, as far as I know.

How about an illustrative scenario for you?

You are one precious minute away from having the loves of your life horribly destroyed and in that minute you can choose between two possible methods of saving them, and one method will be the one that works, and the other method is counterfeit. You have before you 2 people giving you advice and one person does not look attractive to you, and they say things that you don't like to hear, while the other one is very attractive, and their words are like music to you.

Does the appearances of the messengers have anything to do with your ability to judge the accuracy of the message?

I thought about that today. I never buy my own clothes, and my wife stopped buying me clothes, we are not poor by any means, but we are fighting to reduce the rate we are going further into debt, and my clothes are rags. I went to work to day to the Real Estate office and one of the Agents there, a life long Republican, so far as I can tell, and she looked at me, and I thought I saw a level of disgust concerning my appearance.

So I think, and I wonder, and I can use my brain in ways that are not typical, and that scenario, that illustration, is what I came up with, so I didn't run to the store and buy some clothes. I went into the office, made out the deposit slip, entered the numbers into the computer program, went to the bank, and moves the zeros around.

What if Jesus is not so good looking this time around?

I don't know.

What if Jesus is given a peace sign t-shirt, and it being cold at the time, so it was a generous gift.

No, Jesus, doesn't want to send the wrong message, no thanks, I'll wear nothing, but thanks?

"Still, I would be proud to be able to write Ron Paul's name in and have the last word in the matter. You in Cali can do that. Me in MO, we have sore looser laws and additionally the ballot can be tampered for another candidate who will get presidence if on the printed ballot."

The combined power of Liberty, from all people who demand it, will win, eventually, or this Human Experiment will fail. You have your way of seeing the same thing, I suppose, and I think we all do, on one level or another, if these truths are not willfully removed from our conscious minds, removing our consciences with the effort, or unless such UNDERSTANDING is beaten out of us, by other people, or by illness, or accident, or old age, whatever.

Vote, sure, if it makes you feel more powerful, then that might turn into even more powerful voting, in ways that count?

Last word?

How about some famous last words?

Power produced into oversupply reduces the price of power while purchasing power increases because power reduces the cost of production.