Comment: DO NOT take this personally;

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DO NOT take this personally;

DO NOT take this personally; it is just the rambling thoughts of a very old and tired of fighting old man. Abortion is much like being a ‘lover’ of your same sex, or a murderer, thief, and on and on. To a “Christian” and many other faiths, this is wrong. It is sin. One sin is not any worse than another sin. Sin receives the judgment of death. I am NOT a judge; there is only one who is. While I personally don’t condone certain behaviors and actions, such behaviors and actions exist.
You assert, that you will be withholding your support for a group and a vote for a person based on this “ultimately a moral issue” opinion. You will find, as I have, that it is not your support that they want. They want your opinion. More importantly they want to shape your opinion. Most importantly they want to keep us divided on “issues”. That way we won’t be focusing on THE issue of true FREEDOM.
FREEDOM; It is NOT imposing your beliefs on others; it is minding your OWN business with the reasonable expectation that all others will do the same. It is not letting MY rights interfere with yours. It is telling government that, “WE THE PEOPLE” created you, and as the creators, you may kiss my backside if you think you’re going to tell me what to do (If you hired a house cleaner that showed up and sat on YOUR sofa, eating YOUR snacks, watching YOUR tube, and told YOU to go clean the windows, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?) REALLY? The government wants to do what with MY health and body? SHOOT, we ought to keep everyone on a strict 2000 calorie diet, and make it mandatory that they all cut back if the U.S. G.N.P. falls. While we’re at it, let’s tell a woman or young girl, that WE know better than her own conscious what is good for her…or on a simpler playing field, how about we agree that I will mind my business, you will mind yours, and we BOTH will tell the government to go to hell when it is acting outside its Constitutional authority (NO HEALTHCARE).
“MORAL ISSUE”? Morals are for the individual. Your rational, based on what you have been taught and your experience, are all that you will take before your creator. I have been taught that the Creator is a “forgiving” God. I sure hope that’s true…. I DON’T want what I have earned in this life.