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"The Natural Law and its

"The Natural Law and its Creator provide for the Father and Mother as Husband and Wife to have custody and dominion of their children. In Roman law, Caesar’s rights to his empirical authority and dominion over his subjects stemmed from his position as the vicarious pater, the substitute father. In Rome then as in America today, there was a dual system of citizenship."
Exert from "Covenant of the gods", chapter Citizen vs CITIZEN

During the time of Jesus, and even long before, Rulers have claimed power over people because they take care of the people just as a Father takes care of his children by providing for them, protecting them, teaching them, ect. They therefore make the claim of substitute father, the citizens/subjects the children. The father OWNS his children, and the children must obey the rules of the house (or the tent which covers them) in which they live.

When Jesus makes the statement, "my Father in Heaven", his is stating the Jurisdiction that exist over him. My Father, vicarious pater, is in Heaven, not Rome the state, not Judah the state (not the United States the state).

If we are to be truely free, then we must also be Son of God, "And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven." Matthew 23:9

If you are a "citizen" of any State other than the State of Heaven, then you are a Son of THAT STATE, not Son of God. "Though shalt have no gods before me..." If we are to live in the Kingdom (State) of Heaven, then we must NOT be citizen of another State. By default, you have expatriated OUT of the Kingdom of Heaven when you become citizen of another.

Jesus was a King. He was sovereign, answering only to God. To be sovereign MEANS that only God is above you. "HE" is "The King of Kings", not the King of citizens. As a United States citizen, or citizen of any State, we are not kings, therefore HE is not our king...regardless of how loudly we proclaim it.

If we are Kings, then we are a Son of God ('s government, "Kingdom"), living within HIS tent, living in the House of God, under HIS rules. If we are citizens, then we are Son of Man ('s government) living in the House of Man, under man's rules.

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