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Even Ron Paul says you can't do what you are proposing...

Because people are already depending on these programs and it would be cruel and immoral to just cut them off. They will have to be fazed out over a lengthy period of time, with opt-out options built in for younger people, etc. But it is time to cut Rand some slack, for heaven 's sake. He's feeding the babies pablum and great thanks to Cavuto for continuing to contrast the sensible with the absurd, by interviewing him.

I am not saying you are not correct, just that it is time for prudent, wise actions and deeds so that the progress Ron Paul and his movement (us) has made is not lost but rather slowly but surely advanced. This I see Rand doing, with great care, which obviously infuriates some. But sometimes patience and watching for the opportunities to influence in a gentle but brilliant way is a far wiser course than standing on a principle that has been lost and will take a great deal of work to reestablish. Watch for the subtleties and enjoy the show! Ron and Rand make a great team!

Sweet Liberty