Comment: Nice Wake Up Call

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Nice Wake Up Call

The timing is perfect as Ayn's "true" message of collectivism vs free market is playing out in the real world right before our eyes.

This should piss a lot of people off as authoritarian government is spot-lighted and shown for what it really is, a looter and parasite.

On the movie itself... well done considering the subject matter. New cast is better - except for Dagny. She did ok, the other was perfect.


Lots got cut, naturally, but I was looking forward to Dagny's karma to come back around when her brothers new wife finds out he lied and now she respects Dagny, then freaks out and kills herself... good stuff.

The significance of the gold $ cigarettes was down played as was the fact that Galt is working at Taggart and tight with Eddie. Also, I was VERY disgusted to see Hannity spouting the virtues of the Free Market - Aaaaccckk.

Lastly, I wish they would have injected more about how the 'producers' were on strike. Without that, I think if you hadn't read the book, you might be a little lost.