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Wow! Really? Understanding

Wow! Really? Understanding how they cheat in the elections and trying to show others is not apathy, its caring enough to try to wake people up.

Nobody's vote counts. Its meaningless. Our country was taken over a long time ago. 1933 to be exact is when our country was given to the UN for bankruptcy administration. We've never paid off our debt so can't get out of bankruptcy. Why do you think they continue to raise the debt limit? It keeps us under control of the UN, it continues the national emergency that puts us under provisional Govt where our Constitution is literally suspended, and it keeps us in bankruptcy to perpetuate the cycle. We've been thrown under the bus for a long time now.

Didn't you see the cheating going on through this election? Do you think they only started to do that this year? They've been deciding our President for us for a long while now. Votes are meaningless, and like they did to Ron Paul, if he gets the majority of the votes, they will report he got 6% and if we're lucky, they might report he got 10% but they will never admit he may have won or even come close.

Blessings )o(