Comment: Your mistake is

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Your mistake is

Your mistake is assuming that Ron Paul's views define the Libertarian movement.

Libertarians have been split on the abortion issue for a long time. One faction holds that the woman's right to control her body is most important. The other faction holds that the baby's right to life is most important. The disagreement stems from differing opinions on when life begins. Abortion cannot be used as a defining issue for Libertarians one way or the other.

On the gay marriage issue, I don't think that Libertarians have ever supported anything other than marriage equality.

I have heard no one disagree with the third point on drugs. People should be responsible for what the put in their bodies, the government should not be involved. Perhaps I didn't understand your point on that issue.

It should be noted that I am a life-long Republican, starting to understand my libertarian leanings, but I believe that I've got the positions right.