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Rand Betrayed No One

If you were a National Delegate or a Ron Paul Republican who admired how Ron Paul stood up for candidates that were not Republican, YOU were in for a BIG whopping shock to come to find out YOU had signed a loyaty Oath the GOP intended to hold YOU to. Not Ron Paul.. Ron Paul they paid no attention to, didn't care what the "Crazy Uncle" did.. but if YOU were a national delegate or an office holder or running for office.. Rand clued YOU in.. Rand shocked everyone.

Why would he do that? Because those who really wanted Ron Paul to win, were going to find thmselves booted out of the GOP for doing what Ron Paul had done, openly supported a candidate that was not selected/nominated.

Hero's are heros because they do what the rest of us wish we could do. Rand and everyone who signed a loyalty oath have no choice if they were remain working on materializing Ron Paul's message of Restoring the Republic to Constitutional government.

So while those who were not delegates, not part of the campaign, not seeking offices or seats, and had not signed a loyalty oath did not understand, many of those who had signed oaths woke up. I published my post explaining Why I will vote Romney of Ron paul loses the nomination. I knew he did not have enough delegates to win, but I hoped he would have been able to speak.

Politics is a dirty business and it's very hard to be clean. Many things are not as they seem and MSM takes the lead in showing us only what they want us to know or believe.

I KNOW there are many here who understand what I am saying, and if they are like me, the up votes and downvotes is no meter of truth, but more popularity of collectivies. Many in these collectives really really liked Ron Paul BUT, (list goes here), and they don't like Rand, don't even like the name Rand as it reminds them of Ayn Rand, who even though one of the greatest Libertarians, they hate her, and Rand, and Ron Paul's campaign and anyone who did what Ron Paul asked all of us to do, in C4L training, "Join te GOP and become a credentialed delegate).

The collectives mission to convert Ron Paul Republicans with guilt trips and downvotes, fearmongering, harrassment, all in the name of being Libertarian. The insults and name calling only show they have no real argument, just more insults. Empty bags of poop farting all over Ron Paul FOR candidates they KNOW are going to lose, or methods like the write in campaign.

So to me, bashing Rand, calling him a traitor only prooves to me, you are not part of the rEVOLution. You might have contributed $20.12, but you lost you way and have sought alternatives to Ron Paul's way of Restoring the Reoublic, so you attack those, like Rand, who are with the plan because you don't understand what is going on, because you're watching, not participating.

And that is your right to watch and not participate. It is even your right to be wrong. Ron Paul, Rand Paul, the Ron paul campaign and all those who coninue to be in the GOP, loyalty oath or not, Romney or not, despite your apathy and doubt, name calling and insults, will continue to fight for ALL our freedom the way Ron Paul showed us in the GOP.