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Wonderful Liberty Movement co-opting speech!

Do you think it will fly, as easily as when the leftist GOP co-opted the Tea Party?

I'm hoping Ron Paul folks are a little more... aware... than the spirited, but naive Tea Party folks.

Indeed. Ron Paul "showed" me how to stand like a man, UNMOVED by the devil's carrots or sticks, implemented to COMPEL loyalty to an oppressive, criminal king. He showed me with his REFUSAL to endorse an ANTI-American leftist. Thank you Dr. Paul. I've lost respect for countless individuals through the primary adventure (WHOM I DEFENDED LIKE A JACKHOLE MONTHS AGO)... but you sir... you'll never know how much your little flicker of FIERCE INTEGRITY means to some of us out here. You ARE Braveheart, while many others turned out to be plain ol' nobles.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.