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I realize we dislike Romney

and Im not going to vote for him. My point wasnt to some how advocate for people to vote for Romney. If you believe in the principles that Ron Paul espouses I find it hard to understand why you would ever vote for Mitt Romney. But my point here was just to say maybe people think Obama would be better for the liberty movement in the long run - when if the financial calamity we all think is coming hits under a Romney presidency - Maybe the GOP emplodes as a party because of it. I think we all have seen how deceitful and disgusting the Republican party is and we all want it either radically remade or completely dead. So if a monster financial crisis hit during an Obama presidency would the GOP come out looking rosy?? - Could they say "see it was those damn socialist democrats led by Obama that did this..." the memory of GW Bush long gone......Im just throwing it out there for discussion. I think maybe Im wrong......but I wonder .....we are all in agreement here Romney and Obama are the when you have no real choices -I am just trying to figure out how our movement stays alive - as Ron heads to retirement...