Comment: Folks, one has to be compassionate

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Folks, one has to be compassionate

Folks, one has to be compassionate.

Mr. Jackson has health issues (bipolar disorder) and seems to work too much (exhaustion), quoting the same article, from the OP's :

"[...]News of the probe — first disclosed by the Sun-Times — comes as questions increasingly swirl around Jackson’s absence from not only his official duties in Washington, but the campaign trail as the Nov. 6 election nears.

Citing exhaustion, Jackson, 47, stopped working, according to his staff, on June 10. His staff did not make that known until two weeks later.

He went to a clinic in Arizona then to the Mayo Clinic, which released a statement saying he was being treated for a bipolar disorder. Jackson is up for re-election Nov. 6 but has not campaigned since he won the Democratic primary in March.[...]"


Worth of note, THOUGH : rep. Jackson must be politically very strong to afford not even campaigning for half a year and yet re-running for elections now !

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