Comment: Well, I think you nailed it

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Well, I think you nailed it

Well, I think you nailed it. As for a summary of ONE OF THEIR strawmen.

Don't be fooled, btw : they have many others. Not just "the base". The latter just so happens to be a strawman (and a useful practical tool, on the ground, sometimes, too) which has been created in the '80s, in their plans of that time to p*ss off the Russians.

Those already familiar with psy-ops may not be too surprised, though.

I'm sad Reagan probably didn't see anything coming with the deception at play by some of his advisors at the time. He was probably in good faith, but the cancer was in there already. Just ask Mr. Kissinger, that's his buddies, after all.

A maybe more "interesting" question might be : but why "on earth" would they push that ever greedier imperialism to begin with / in the first place, anyway ?

And even for that one, it isn't too difficult to find some well advertised clues, as they love to brag in plain sight, believing the people they enslave too dumb to be capable to connect the dots :

More about the contempt, arrogance, ego, of their "intellectual" errands :


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