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Unconditional Support ?

I wonder just what it will take to wake our people up as to just who controls America.How could an elected Senator think of a blood-bath pledge because of a (as the paper calls him )a megalomaniacal Hater like Netanyahu .I have a Newsweek dated nov7&14 ,2o11 that states by Rula JEBREAL that Zionism has run it's course.It goes on,THESE STARTLING WORDS WERE UTTERED LAST WEEK IN TEL AVIV BY RUTH DAYAN. In the article it states she is one of Israels most outspoken elder statesmen, and speaks of Netanyahu's Aparthied LIKUD Party.She also praises the 300,000 that set up tent cities to protest both the Palestinians mistreatment ,but also the income inequality.The article is quite long and blasts Netanyahu and what his party has done to make Israel the horrible state it is today.To read more on this topic ,type in ( if Americans new )founded by Alison Weir.