Comment: No you are definitely not crazy

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No you are definitely not crazy

I thought pretty much everyone could put it together a long time ago. But birds of a feather flock together. I bet if I proposed this to some people outside the circle they may think I was nuts, but most average people can usually see this (ill)logical progression. People see inconsistencies and they watch Dancing with the Stars or they do research.

I like to play dumb and let people think for themselves. Feed them a morsel of truth and teach them to fish. "Oh yeah, I was just thinking about the same thing. I read some documents online and I think you might be right."

You lead people one point at a time in progression and let them be the leader. Don't throw the whole deal out on the table at once. If you do that they will either be dumbfounded or think you are ARE nuts if they don't doubt history.

We have free access to information but also misinformation/disinformation. So we have to cross reference. Even govt documents can be informative because of FOIA.

I'm veering off topic but you are certifiably incredibly sane.

I don't know. Most people I have come into contact with even if I don't know them start talking about this stuff or any current event which is relevant.

It's been happening since the beginning of time. You can even point out other obvious anomalies in the past which have been proven to be true (farther in the past.)

Actually I'm kind of amazed. Some generations don't even know what a caste system is and that has also been true through all of humanity. It's rare people escape it and ascend up the ladder.

I wouldn't use the term connecting dots. One could connect dots to anything. What you described is a time related linear organized system of events. This happens all the time. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Our weapon is knowledge. Our only other weapon is a fish hook we give to those we love or don't agree with.

As was advised... "Think for yourself, question authority." Don't be a puppet. Try to work to show who the real wizards of oz are. They change from time to time but the role is always the same. It's like the play. Sometimes I wonder if that book was a metaphor. Pretty sure it was.

Welcome. Wake people up a little at a time. That's your job as a patriot.