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Very well said, Daniel.

Very well said, Daniel.

We ought to recall ourselves, always, that tyranny from "elites" (by blood claims or otherwise) along with all sorts of caste systems/oligarchies is, indeed, a VERY, VERY, VERY ... OLD idea.

Arbitrary forces and occultism have in fact always been around for thousands of years, to various extents, and to have those who can't produce anything but hatred or contempt be fed and served by everybody else, "ideally" enslaved and/or endoctrinated (pretty much interdependent nowadays, at large scale).

Now, THIS is the VERY NEW, couple centuries old only idea :

true LIBERTY by and for the people.

The NEW IDEA of an experiment conceived in the 1770's ... but sadly, eventually followed by an ABORTION ATTEMPT in 1910/1913, and STILL ongoing.

Let us stop this ABORTION of a promise for humanity.

Let your founders' promise protected and kept again.


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