Comment: I got two honest questions

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I got two honest questions

1. How are we doing in all of those 7 countries? Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Lebanon. As far as I know, we have only toppled Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan (not on the list) and are in the middle of toppling Iran and Syria. However, we haven't really been successful in the other 3 countries. I can't keep up with news all of the time, but maybe General Wesley Clark was overexaggerating on the whole 7 countries thing? I am under the impression that if we wanted those other 3 countries to be toppled, the US could have done it already. Or are Somalia, Lebanon, and Sudan pretty much under our control already?

2. What does the ex-Gitmo detainee have to do with the connection? I didn't hear of releasing an ex-Gitmo detainee as a possible reason for the consulate attack. But why is that significant anyhow, in your opinion? Do you think that the CIA helped Al Qaeda to release the detainee? I suppose I always thought the government was evil, but I didn't know it was that evil.... Yours was a very enlightening post!