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Comment: Woa. Right on, once again, Daniel !

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Woa. Right on, once again, Daniel !

Woa. Right on, once again, Daniel !

Abunding :

Tell me about teeth. In 42 years, I went to the dentist for important reasons, besides simple check ups/cleanings every other year, fewer times than I have fingers ... on one hand. No kidding. 3 times as a kid (simple fixtures, yet needed), and once as an adult to remove a badly seated tooth about to cause more problems.

Yet, I'm a smoker and I eat huge amounts of meat and ... sugar. Ask my wife if I'm no monster.

Sure, my teeth implantation isn't perfect, and I'd probably need some trick to compete with a Brad Pitt smile (random pick) in a commercial, but I still have ALL my teeth but one. No issues in sight either. Never had braces. And when I scare people it seems not to be by my smile, but only by my words when I'm serious, relatives say...

Compare this to my step father who had that crazy idea to follow the advice of our dear French healthcare system and to go to an "approved" dentist (by the State) for a supposedly benign "fix".

That conventioned dentist RETARD **forgot**, yes, **forgot** to remove some cotton out of my step father's tooth's gum he was operating in.

It took a few weeks for an infection to slowly but surely develop in the gum, causing him excruciating pains, in his jaw AND neck (infection was growing beyond just the jaw). A second (private, chosen) dentist who operated him in emergency told him he could have died by poisoned blood only DAYS after if it were not for him surrendering to the pain, and he should sue them for aggravated incompetence with deadly implications.

Now, try to sue the State and their bureaucrats. Even in the matter of life and death.

So, yes... about the "importance" of white shiny good looking teeth and/or following bureaucrats' advisories :

"The sensitivity of men to small matters, and their indifference to great ones, indicates a strange and worrisome inversion."

-- Blaise Pascal

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius