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To Clarify

At present (10/12/2012) there are three (3) active Write-in Presidential Candidate Elector drives in progress in California, where (55) Presidential Electors are REQUIRED BEFORE ANY WRITE-IN CANDIDATE WILL BE CERTIFIED AND ELIGIBLE TO HAVE WRITE-IN VOTES COUNTED. CALIFORNIA IS NOT IN PLAY YET!! Only two (2) of the drives officially have Declarations in the hands of the Secretary of State – Paul/Napolitano and Paul/Kwiatkowski. What follows are links to info on the different tickets.

Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano

Ron Paul / Karen Kwiatkowski

Ron Paul / Clyde Coulter

Although it may appear to be a dividing of the vote, that is very much to the contrary. This is a great example of vetting a VP for Dr. Paul. Really when you think about it 165 Electors out of 37,100 is less than 1/3 % of the people that attended Dr. Paul’s rallies…Just in California…between April 3 – May 3, 2012. We cannot have too many electors for Ron Paul.

Choose your ticket and ACT…NOW!! We still have work to do.

I stood before the man and felt his breath on my face. In his eyes I saw …. A warrior.