Comment: Who Did It?!!!

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Who Did It?!!!

Who?! And why on earth would you vote this down?!!! This is Legit. The Dude's name is for real! If we can confirm he is eligible in the states he mentions, there is no reason why we can't consider Santa Claus as an alternative. Those of you who live in...

Alabama, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, and Wyoming...

and don't like Johnson, Goode or Stein, voting for Santa will create the same end result as if you voted for the others. Obama wins. I am not afraid of 4 more years of Obama. I am afraid of 8 new years of Romney! He will be the next "go to war, take the loot" President, cross my heart hope to die. A Romney win will eradicate any last vestiges we have to economic liberty and resistance to conscription. You know he favors the Draft.

If we REALLY want to be relevant in this election cycle or ever again, we need to move our power to one candidate. Santa. If there is any honesty left in the world, Ron Paul could get an elector out of Maine. If that somehow happens it will be counted on the House floor sometime in December and if somehow Obama and Romney don't get the necessary 270 majority, the president will be decided, there, in the House of Representatives (12th Amendment) and it is the top three that are voted on. Surely it would be needed for someone else, lets say Santa Claus, to make up the other electors that split Obama and Romney to a stalemate and said candidate would have have to withdraw their candidacy when the electors vote, but with Ron's one Elector from Maine...he could. By God With the help from Ol' Saint Nick, we could have a Merry Christmas This Year, after All!!! Just think about it.... "chip and a chair, chip and a chair"

~Good Night, And Good Luck~