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Seth, a living microscopic

Seth, a living microscopic human embryo is a potential human being not an actual human being such as the pregnant mother. It is the mother's freedom which you violate when you forbid abortion. You justify violation of the mother's liberty to save the life of the embryo or fetus.

There is no question that the fertilized ovum or embryo is alive. The question is when does that potential human being become an actual human being?

You don't seem to care that you are violating the right to freedom and liberty of the mother. It is her choice whether to maintain the pregnancy or not because it is her life and her decision, not the State's.

I contend that it is meaningless to attribute rights to the embryo or fetus before it is born.

It is the sole responsibility of the pregnant woman to decide whether to continue to pregnancy or not. It is certainly not anyone else's decision. You have no right to determine one way or the other whether a pregnant woman should remain pregnant or not.

No Man's need constitutes an obligation on the part of another man to fulfill that need.