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Hi Gary

1. The system is rigged, votes thrown out, flipped, etc., therefore voting as a way of making meaningful change has been proven to be useless.

2. Voting is a system by which people collectively choose a pre-selected overseer as their overlord. Why vote for your master? Why cooperate with your own enslavement like a domesticated canine?

3. Voting is immoral. It gives a proxy to a political class to steal, kill, enslave others etc. on your behalf for your interests.

4. Voting is a religious ritual of state worshippers, referred to in elevated, quasi-religious terms as a "sacred duty", etc.

5. Voting legitimizes the political class, provides them a false "mandate", "popular support" for their mischief and evil.

Don't do it. Gary Johnson is not half the candidate Ron Paul was. The elites know it, which is why we are allowed this non-choice, non-threat to the establishment. He is controlled opp.