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I hope all the readers realize

The tactics of deception and disinformation, thought persuasion that the establishment uses.

Like using you "thelastbill", to write things like this in comments....member for what? All of 18 days?

LOL get lost troll.

And for other readers, just click the person's name, see how long they've been a member, and what some of their other comments are about. It is easy to weed out the establishment operatives. The daily paul offers this, but know that the comment sections of all major websites are infested with these scum.

I personally witnessed the efforts on Yahoo of paid posters manipulating the comments there against Paul. Now they are doing it against Johnson...whatever they have to do to keep Ameica fooled and attuned to their "reality show" staged/scripted election between the two corporate/banker puppets...Romney and Obama.