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One thing to add

the first narrative people get is the narrative most stay with. For instance, even though no wmd have been found in iraq most people still think iraq had wmd. Even though it's been admitted that there were no protests in in benghazi most people still think it's all about a video. Again and again this happens and the majority are either too lazy or ignorant to find the real truth. Sites like this are the exception and if there wasn't an election coming up the gop probably wouldn't have even raised the questions and we'd all still think muslims are crazy mad people who kill because of outrage at videos they haven't even seen.

Another thing about conspiracies to remember is the famous quote from
Helmuth von Moltke:

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy. So to think that elaborate conspiracies go to plan is naive. Yes, Al Qaeda were helped by the USA initially but the CIA doesn't have total control, never had and never will. Same with 911, rather than one big elaborate planned conspiracy it's a series of conspiracies and blunders.