Comment: Its not about a man

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Its not about a man

Its about his message and our freedom. It is more than Ron Paul although he gave us a wake up call. as well as Alan Russo and G Edward Griffin. It is about the CFR and Comex and The Rothschild controlled world. Its more about the corruption of congress, Obama and George Soros. It is about Fox News, CNN,MSNBC, CNBC, ABC,NBC,and ABC along with Corrupt news papers. It is about the corrupt GOP and Dems. It is about FREEDOM and taking our country back. We are the people and we will not fail. You Gretta are the enemy. You have not the guts to report it as it is. You will will fall in disgrace like the rest of them because of the all mighty dollar and fear of losing your high paying job while the rest of America suffers. God Bless America.