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what I find strange

Is that a big amount of the people that live in Iran are Jewish. I find strange that you can go to the UN website and search all Resolutions condemning Israel for atrocities, well over 50. How many on Iran? 1 if you are lucky. Iran has not attacked anyone in a super long time, but did retaliate when people started wars with them. They kind of exemplify what Ron Paul is always saying, dont attack others, but be for defense. We did this to Iraq, with sanctions because Saddam would not do what we told them, so we starved off a million civilians in Iraq and WONDER WHY they hated us being there. Its essential we do not go to war with Iran, especially if Israel trys to sucker us in like they always do.
I wonder why all them Jewish people live in Iran if its so horrible against Israel.....naa I know what it is, Israel is full of BS, and them people know it.

For Liberty!!!