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well, lets see

1. Even in a state where u have no gun control laws other than the federal ones, u need to fill out a questionnaire that gets sent to the ATF asking you all kinds of personal questions (i.e. what prescription drugs r u taking) before u buy a gun.

2. I was recently informed by a policeman that I am legally required under state law to carry a government-issued photo ID at all times and present it whenever I am ordered to do so by law enforcement. Still trying to find the legal source for this little gem of tyranny...

3. We're now going to have to show GOVERNMENT ISSUED photo ID in order to vote.

4. Your prescription medication info is recorded with the DEA so they can prevent "abuse".

5. In the modern surveillance state, (thanks to the FISA Amendment Act and the the Patriot Act Amendment) all of your e-mails, phone calls, texts, google-searches, etc are now "stored" (not "collected" or "gathered") at a super-hard drive in Bluffdale, Ut. But they dont even need a warrant to look through that stuff.

6. Under the multitude of Homeland Security bills, all this "stored" info is shared between agencies.

7. 30,000 FAA drone flight applications from federal agencies...

Just a short summary....2012 is 1984.