Comment: I hate Obamacare too!

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I hate Obamacare too!

I am one of the uninsured by choice people. I don't go to the doctor or ER unless I NEED to(broken bones etc). Most of my friends have insurance, they go to the ER for things like a sore throat and small cuts. They pay for insurance and dammit they're gonna use it.
Yet I'm the one seen as a burden on the system. Pisses me off.

I still must say, I want Romney to lose more than I want Obamacare repealed.
After what happened to Ron, I want revenge.
I not only want Romney to lose, I want it to be because of Ron Paul supporters voting for Johnson, Goode or even Obama in swing states.
The GOP can't be rewarded for their cheating and lying.
Also if Romney wins, we wont have another chance until 2020.
That is just painful.