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Don't Worry

The only thing worse than seeing evil, is seeing evil where it isn't--or assuming the sound you hear is zebras, not horses.

Rand wants help in Congress. Simple. He doesn't want to be a lone vote, he wants help.

His position as having endorsed Romney gave him much more clout when he criticized Romney than if he had opposed him; and, it sent a warning shot to others who make deals with Rand that he won't tolerate certain bad positions or actions. Good move.

Now he's giving away money -- with strings attached. Helpers will be lining up. He's a power broker.

Ron Paul never expected to "win" (although he has won); Rand is playing to win in a different way. I may prefer the former's personality (typical of natural libertarians), but Rand's approach and personality will get way more traction and appeal to more people. We need more like him.

What do you think?