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"Way to go Rand Paul!!! Rand is the SANE face of conservative libertarianism.

Don't get me started on his nutty dad, and the frothing-at-the-mouth conspiracy freaks that he drags around.

After helping Romney win this election, I will turn my energy and resources towards helping Rand Paul!"


But you know what, I'll gladly be considered a frothing-at-the-mouth freak if people will start supporting Rand. Despite what this person is saying, Rand is very close to Ron Paul philosophically. I find it odd that the commenter doesn't notice that, but whatever. It is probably better that way IMO. Maybe that will help the Ron Paul haters save face by ultimately supporting his views, but in a different person. I'm all for allowing people to come out smelling like a rose, even if I am angry at them, if they would only come to my way of looking at things.

I'll gladly take it on the chin if people will start waking up.