Comment: Divide and conquer, that is

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Divide and conquer, that is

Divide and conquer, that is how they win! Get the public to divide over a touchy topic and ignore all other issues! Since Ronald Reagan, there has been a one issue anti-abortion voting block that swings every election and frequently won over the last 30+ years. My question to you is, "What did those "wins" change?" More importantly, look where we are right now! Are we better off? Has ANYTHING changed regarding abortion? No! Don't you feel used yet? Violated even? If they can keep you focused one your one pet issue, they can keep this train heading for the cliff, is that what you want? I, also am against abortion, but I will not be pandered and lied to any more, they will not use me anymore! I will support ALL liberty candidates and once Liberty makes a come back, this issue will resolve itself in the only way that will ever provide ANY hope for those against abortion, state's rights! You will NEVER get rid of abortion through the Supreme Court, you will NEVER get rid of it by voting for those that USE this issue and YOU to get elected! Would a politician want to get rid of the one wedge issue that provided him a huge voting block by outlawing abortion? NO! And those that campaign against it will NEVER get rid of it BECAUSE they NEED it to get elected! You will ONLY have success eventually, by supporting ALL Liberty candidates NOW! You are being played like a fiddle, WAKE UP!