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Speaking of the CIA.
Background: Read several years ago we had a tunnel under ground going from Colorado to DC. One that the technology to do so was given to us by Aliens [that's the space ones, not Mexicans] :-) In this tunnel is a high speed 'vehicle' like a capsule of sorts that travels in tube fashion faster than a jet. I took this info with a grain of salt not totally laughing at it since I've laughed at a lot in the past that later found to be true. I just file it mentally neither believing nor disbelieving and go on.
Several years later, I believe it was this past year or the end of last year, you may remember the earth moving in an area in Colorado south/ southwest of Denver. Although not an area prone to, or with a history of earthquakes, it was called that in the news. Meanwhile at the same time in an area near DC, again not an area of earthquakes, a rumble shook the earth. The news stated it highly unusual, there is no fault there. At the same time as both of these 'earthquakes' were rumbling, an area in Florida near the space launch facility, the people who lived there were calling the news stations and police dept to find out what the strange loud roaring and ringing noise was they could hear coming from the ground.
With having read all this, read an article from RT News a month later that said..........There was an explosion in the underground tunnel system coming from the US. [Guess the tunnel is true]They knew it was an explosion because they had an explosion in their part of the tunnel so knew the unique sound an explosion in the tunnel made, what one sounded like above ground. The article said the US Navy [yep, Navy, not marines or army] put explosives in the tunnel to get the CIA [?] who had taken documents from DC and were in the tunnel on their way to Colorado. True? Seems a lot of information coming from many places that add up. Sometimes 2 and 2 equal 5 when it comes to information. Was RT News correct in their report? We are at war with the CIA? According to what RT said, the tunnel not only goes to Russia but continues on into Europe. Obviously there's a 'spur' here which goes to the launch site in Florida. the elite can hop a space shuttle in quick time huh? Anyone else read something on this? As far as the 'alien' part, let's just not go there. Amazing we the people are kept in the 19th century technologically while those in power obviously go on into the 22nd.