Comment: Not a bad way to spend an afternoon

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Not a bad way to spend an afternoon

If you want to see the first film before you see the sequel, its streaming on Netflix, so you can check it out there. Despite having different actors, and I think a different director, the second film has very, very much the same style, tone and look of the first, although it does look like they had some extra money for things like nicer looking interiors.

I never saw the first one in theaters cause it wasn't playing in many screens and wasn't playing near me, but that's not really a problem for this one, playing at a very suprising 1,000 screens. I suspect it won't be so easy to find next week, so check it you now while you can.

The real problem for both films is that they are very short and compressed. They sometimes feel like the recaps that some TV shows will do to remind you what happened last week. Sort of like you expect an announcer to start the whole film by saying: "Previously, on Atlas Shrugged". And with this being a trilogy, there doesn't seem to be a good reason for it. Lord of the Rings had 3 3-hour movies. This is closer to 3 1.5 hour movies. Why not cut it to two 2+ hour movies if you're intent on making the story that super-compressed? It was actually worse in the first film, cause it extended past the screenplay to the editing. The first film didn't even allow the pace to be slowed by having reaction shots of the actors, which at least they allow in part II.

The source material is so interesting and the producers seem to love it so much that the overall movie experiences can't help but be interesting, and most of the negative criticisms I've heard have been pretty much nonsense and say more about the bias of the reviewers than about the films they're reviewing. It's fun to see how they adapt things to make it a modern day version of the story and there are actually a suprising amount of good acting performance in both films, despite the fact that these are kind of hard charactors to play.

My advice: Check it out for sure, just don't go expecting some sort of great, definitive film version of the novel.